Beef Sales Program - Background

Sue Bellman and her two children own a 330-acre farm in Walworth County, Wisconsin. She is assisted in running the farm by her father, Ken Bellman. Ken owned the farm for many years himself (as did his father before him) and is now retired. Ken helps out when he can, particularly during planting, harvesting, and calving season.


The farm is located in the Kettle Moraine, halfway between Whitewater and Delavan. Crops raised on the farm are corn, soybeans, winter wheat and alfalfa. There are over 150 acres of permanent grass/clover pasture, spring-fed ponds, and woods on which the cattle are rotationally grazed. The cow herd consists of over 50 Angus and Angus crossbred cows. Purebred Angus bulls are selected for calving ease, rate of gain, and good carcass qualities such as marbling and rib eye area.


Calves are born on grass each spring and fenceline weaned in the fall at approximately 500 pounds. Fenceline weaning is accomplished by sorting the cows from the calves and then placing them in separate paddocks separated by a good fence. This allows the calf to have nose to nose contact with its mother and to continue to eat grass while grain is introduced to the diet, which reduces the stresses associated with weaning.