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Auditing services are available for grower specialty labels.

GLARS specializes in Wisconsin crops that are grown following IPM principles.



  • In 2001, Susan Bellman became an IPM Institute certified inspector.


  • In 2002, Susan started auditing for the Healthy Grown Potato Label. This label certifies Wisconsin potato growers whose production practices follow the WPVGA IPM Eco-Standards.


  • In 2002, Susan was trained as a Farm Evaluator for the Midwest Food Alliance Eco-label. This label certifies Wisconsin and Minnesota farms that follow the National Food Alliance Standards.


  • In 2005, Susan assisted Pinn-Oak Ridge Farms, LLC to develop a branded label for direct marketing of lamb. The WisconsinLamb branded label certifies that market lamb producers have followed a specific production protocol.








Branded Label Grower Certification

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